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TThe Gurdjieff Legacy Foundation Sacramento, CA offers group work in the practice and principles of G. I. Gurdjieff's teaching of The Fourth Way, under the direction of William Patrick Patterson.

Based firmly in Tradition and the fundamental principles of Gurdjieff's Fourth Way, The Gurdjieff Legacy Foundation is an independent exploration whose aim is to creatively apply this seminal, esoteric teaching of self–transformation to contemporary life.

The Gurdjieff Legacy Foundation grounds itself in the exploration into the nature and expression of self that leads to the fullest extension of its experiencing. Through group meetings, exercises, Days of Exploration, guided meditation and Conscious Body–Breath Impressions™, students learn how to use ordinary life—its joys, uncertainties and sufferings—to come to real life.

In addition to regular group work, Seminars conducted by Mr. Patterson are offered several times a year.

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